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Congratulations! You've made if through January, a month that is considered quite possibly the worst/most depressing month of the year. Although I wouldn't read too much into that, what with February round the corner and did someone mention, snow?! 
I'd be a complete cliche if I expressed how quickly the month seemed to pass, but I mean c'mon it really flew by didn't it?
Alas, I've had quite a productive start to the year. If you follow me on Instagram (@hutchlondon) you may have noticed me painting, sketching, lettering and practicing all sorts of creative outlets. This is because in 2019 'HUTCH London Jewellery' will not longer be just a "Jewellery brand". Why you ask? 
Well I've had numerous conversations with friends about how I've felt stuck. A sense of having the skills to do so much more but limiting myself to one subject ( that being jewellery). So I've decided to take on the task this year of just letting go and doing as much as I possibly can in terms of creativity. When my boyfriend asks me "whats your focus? Whats the end goal?" I have to explain to him that I'm not 100% sure. The only way to explain it to people is imagine that 'HUTCH London' is a small boutique selling jewellery, some stationary bits, perhaps a few prints and lifestyle bits and bobs. Perhaps I will offer commission work, because lets face it I've put pen to paper since I was around 3 years old and I like to think that I've got pretty good at making images from it. So yeah, that's how envision business expanding and evolving over the year. 
I have really enjoyed getting back into illustration and the hours of the day seem to fly by when I'm completely immersed in such creative tasks. I have a couple of bespoke pieces in the pipeline for Valentines, which is exciting! It's a wonderful feeling knowing that other people trust in your talents. 
I'd say over all January have been pleasant and constructive. I only really gave myself one New years resolution which was to give up fizzy drinks (I know such a child) but so far, so good! I was going to set myself a fitness related goal but decided that February would probably be an easier month to conjure that one up. What do you think about monthly goals/resolutions? Do you set them?
Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel- You may have seen this illustrated on my Instagram, since I wanted to share it with everyone I can. After 30 years the brand have released their second product. The unique gel to oil formulation, penetrates the skin deeper forming a protective barrier to lock in moisture. I'm not sure about you, but in the midst of winter, the last thing I want to be doing is standing around naked after a shower waiting for my moisturizer to soak in. This feels absolutely divine on the skin, not to mention a little goes a long way and that dry oil gesture that is left on the skin will have it soft and supple in no time. 
Nespresso CitiZ & Milk- Gifted to me for Christmas, I feel as though I don't know how I lived without one for so long? Actually scrap that I do, numerous runs to Starbucks, wracking up £90+ a month in coffee bills, not okay. This month I have purchased all but one tiny coffee from the chain and that is largely down to this little beauty. Why head to Starbucks when I can create even more delicious lattes and cappuccinos in the comfort of my own home? Honestly, life changing. 
Windsor & Newton Gouache Paints- In the midst of my let's call it "path of self discovery", as mentioned before I've done quite a lot of painting this month. In doing so I have rediscovered these gouache paints. Id forgotten how creamy they can be and provide such opaque delicious coloured, yet can also be used in a similar way to watercolours. All of my paintings so far this year have been done using these and now I wasn't the whole colour range! If you've used gouache before then you know they can dry darker than the colour in the palette and watching this on paper is something truly quite amazing. 
February is set to be a short and sweet month, filled with a few new things to unveil and hopefully some more pink paint! 
Sophie xo

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