The rise of the alternative material

When most of us think about jewellery, we tend to think of semi precious materials. That of silver, gold and now the ever so popular rose gold seem to grace the arms, necks, ears and hands of pretty much everyone around us. It's safe to say that semi precious materials have and always will be the preferred option for jewellery, not only because of its look but also longevity. 
 However despite this alternative materials have seen a rise in popularity. From Tatty Devine's acrylic pieces to A Weathered Penny's gorgeous resin pieces adorning the likes of former Glamour UK editor Jo Elvin and Roo Bannister's wooden delights gracing our Instagram feeds. It seems that many of us are sourcing to alternative brands and materials to decorate ourselves with. Traditional forms of jewellery are taking a back seat and we are being offered something that fuels our desire to seek out new styles. Usually coming in at a lower cost this allows us to keep up with ever changing trends whilst not breaking the bank.  
Here we've gathered some of our favourites. 


Alternative material jewellery

1. Rene Earrings, A Weathered Penny, £152. Amelia in Maple Large, Roo Bannister, £55. 3. Melvina Flower Cotton Earrings, Bauble Bar, £40. 4. Fauve Foliage Necklace, Tatty Devine, £55. 5. Leo Gold Tone Resin Earrings, Cult Gaia, £170 6. Geometry Drop Earrings, A Weathered Penny, £20. 7. Becca Rattan Cuff, Cult Gaia, £100 8. Wishbone Set of Three Resin Bangles, Dinosaur Designs, £130


Despite precious metals lasting the test of time and will perhaps always be the most popular in terms of jewellery, I think designers will continue to source new, alternative and perhaps more sustainable materials in the future. 

What are your thoughts on alternative materials used in jewellery? Are they worth the investment? Do you seek sustainability when it comes to jewellery?

S xo

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